Chiara Boni- Russia

Pagina del sito AFS Russia dedicata ad un concorso fra gli afs’rs annuali che dovevano descrivere la loro esperienza e la “loro Russia”.

E’ stato scelto e pubblicato lo scritto di Chiara Boni, alunna del nosto Liceo, in Russia per un programma annuale. E’ un po’ lungo ed è in inglese, Of course:))

Региональные новости
18/3/2008 – Russia and me Заметки Кьяры Бони AFS студентки из Италии
Russia and me
I think was my first feeling after my arrival in Russia.
I was frightened because I didn’t know anything about russian people, culture, language and it was the first time I was really alone beginning a life I could call indeed “mine”.
When I touched Moscow’s ground I realized suddenly that maybe one year was too much for me:more than I could stand!
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I used to speak to myself about myself in this terms.
And about my future experience I had to ask just questions:
-With who?
I had such a lot of questions, but no one answer.
If someone asked me to live again all my first period in Russia, I’m sure I would answer:
-No, never…
I can remember just a confused mixture of surprise, homesickness,
Everything was so new for me and so at the same time I wanted to discovered, but I also was disoriented, without a definite idea of what to do, which language to speak,what to hope or expect…..
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